Dbal Philippines

Dbal is a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid dianabol. Dbal is manufactured by a renowned supplement manufacturing company called Crazy Bulk. Dbal comes in form of capsules meaning you will not be required to have painful injections or even require a prescription from a doctor to use it.

Dbal was meant to offer the benefits of the steroid dianabol so you can enjoy massive muscle gains, increased energy and better performance in the gym without having to go through the adverse side effects that come with the steroid.

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How does Dbal Work?

Dbal ensures that the muscles can be able to retain enough nitrogen for accelerated protein synthesis and therefore better muscle growth. It also increases your performance. You will workout better, longer and explosively so you can build muscles fast. That’s not all, with Dbal, you have a shorter recovery period meaning you can see the gains quickly.


There are three main active ingredients in Dbal;

Whey protein – this is the ingredient that increases the nitrogen retention in the muscles for better muscle growth.

Tribulus terrestris – this ingredient is essential in ensuring that you have normal testosterone levels. Testosterone encourages fat burning, enhances performance, and supports growth of lean muscles.

BAAs – branched amino acids in Dbal are important because they help your body build tissues quickly and repair damaged tissues effectively. This is important because muscle growth is as a result of repair of the torn muscles.

Does it really work?

It does work. We can say this confidently because we have gathered enough evidence online in many different platforms from real and independent users of Dbal. The results vary from one person to the other but we can say that all the results are positive and very encouraging. From our findings we can give Dbal a success rate that is as high as that of Dianabol the steroid.

Side effects

There are no side effects which we can say were consistent with the use of Dbal. From all the user reviews we have seen there aren’t any users complaining of side effects like it is known of Dianabol. For dianabol the steroid the side effects included; liver toxicity, palpitations, severe headaches and many other such side effects. Dbal however is safe.

How to buy Dbal Philippines

If you are in Philippines and looking for Dbal then you are in the right place. Dbal is available for purchase from the official website. When you make your purchase the order you make whether of one bottle or many will be shipped to the Philippines for you free of charge. You will also benefit from better prices and also if you buy two bottles of Dbal he third one is thrown in absolutely free of charge.

Should you buy Dbal?

You should buy Dbal if you are looking for a supplement that will give you massive gains without side effects. If you are in a plateau phase or if you just want quick results, Dbal is the supplement you need.